Our restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner featurning an extensive international buffet. It has a very welcoming and calm feel rarely found in many modern restaurants.

Our dedicated staff offers a varied and balanced diet featuring an appealing mix of excellent international and local cuisine. At Empire Addis, every meal tastes a whole lot different and special.

So you like to sit-back and relax enjoying drinks? No worries. When it becomes finished, the Terrace bar will be the perfect place for your relaxation needs. You can also enjoy tasty snacks while listening to a great music selection there.


Address: P.O.Box: 90465, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Phone: +251 (0)11 661 4524
+251 (0)11 661 4525
+251 (0)11 661 4526

Fax: +251 (0)11 661 4523


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